Tuesday, January 24, 2012

COUTURE SPRING '12 - Givenchy

(Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2012)

With only 10 looks, I must admit that I am slightly disappointed...Not because each and every piece was not up to my couture expectation, but rather because I felt like it is a sign that the couture is a dying form of art at the House of Givenchy!

Like most, I can only afford to drool over the picture of the presentation (not even the honour to feel in person).  However, I truly believe that it is couture that inspire the RTW collections.

Leaving my sad thoughts aside, I AM IN TOTAL LOVE LOVE LOVE with the white long sleeve backless gown (1 & 2 pics)!!!  I don't recall the last time I felt so strongly about a gown!  And oversized earrings were brought to a whole new level!  Admit that I love the drama, I really wonder how much they weight?

source: vogue.com

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