Monday, January 16, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Death by Chocolate

Last weekend, my friends here in Shanghai decided to celebrate my birthday a week earlier since with the lunar calendar, this year, the day itself falls on Chinese New Year Eve.  Of course, that means most of them will be spending time with their family instead of having champagne with me...

So to compensate, I was honoured with not one, but three chocolate cakes: chocolate mousse, chocolate pecan brownie and double chocolate (so they heard that I love chocolate)!  We finished the mousse and half of each of the other two (impressed? me too!!!).  Now, I just need to work on the other two halves by myself, which shouldn't be that hard since I'm planning to have dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Dress - Bordeau; Booties - Alexander Wang; Belt - Hermes; Bracelet Ring - BCBG; Ring - YSL; Earrings - BCBG