Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OBSESSION DU JOUR - the Miracle Dress

(Stella McCartney Bicolour Octavia Dress) 

(Kate Winslet)

I doesn't look much of a "Miracle Dress" on the size 0 model from Stella McCartney's website.  That's why they say that some pieces must be tried on...and Kate Winslet was a sure believer (they got the same Octavia dress in both black/white and black/red combo)!

To be honest, I became a believer of the "Miracle Dress" too after seeing it on Kate...I mean it literally does miracles!!!  I already loved the racerback halter neckline and the bicolour style, which are both very in-season.  Having the illusion of slimming down the waist/hip area was the tipping point to my "obsession du jour" item!

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  1. The white and black dress looks gorgeous on her!!! Love it