Monday, January 9, 2012

C is for Cashmere

(J Crew Beanie Hat)

(Donna Wilson Blanket)

(Cash CA Two-Tone Robe)

(Christopher Fischer Poncho)

(Cashmere Covered Hot Water Bottle)

(Rick Owens Ribbed Sweater)

(All Saints Hooded Scarf)

(Missoni Thigh-High Legwarmers)

Ayden's alphabet books teach him "C" is for "Cat"...but I much prefer "C" for "Cashmere"!  With the cold weather settling in, I'm in very much need of anything cashmere.  And with my birthday coming up, I'm gonna make it a big excuse to get cashmered-up!

  • A yellow cashmere beanie will go with any of my black/grey/kaki coats (and the colour makes me happy)
  • Black and white graphic print cashmere blanket would be perfect on my white leather couch
  • Or a cashmere robe to lounge around the house (instead of my cotton one that is looking rather tired)
  • White white batwing hooded poncho sounds perfect on my "fat" days
  • And I always loved the idea of a cashmere covered hot water bottle
  • Rick Owens ribbed long sleeve sweater is probably as flattering as it gets
  • Why get a scarf when I can get a hooded scarf?!? (I do like to have my options open)
  • And last but not least on my wish list, Missoni taupe cashmere leg warmers much cashmere, so little money...If I really want to be selfless, I should get the blanket.  That way, at least the whole family will enjoy it!

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