Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fashion or Investment?

(Hermes Croco Birkin)

(Chanel Croco 2.55 Reissue)

(Reed Krakoff Alligator Hobo)

(Celine Croco Box)

(The Row Alligator Backpack)

Sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off investing in a outstanding piece, like any of the above, or invest in stock?  With the price of exotic skin, especially crocodile and alligator, soaring to the roof, it wouldn't have been a bad idea to "invest" while I can still afford it (pre-baby and pre-inflation).  

I mean I'm in finance; I know how to do the math.  You put $30K in stock 5 years ago, you might or might not get any return-on-investment (ROI) depending on what you invested in.  And obviously, the upside is infinite (with luck, you might have invested in apple and

However, "investing" in fashion has its own ROI.  If you choose your investment wisely (reputable fashion house, iconic style, luxurious skin), you will enjoy years and years worth of wear and compliments (best ROI for a fashionista!!), not to mention the sheer satisfaction of owning a luxury piece.  And if that's not enough, some "investments" might even make a small capital gain if kept in mint condition!

So what does StyledbyJanet recommend?  As any other good financial advisor, diversification is key!  Put some in gold, some in equity and some in fashion.


  1. If you put your money in a Chanel bag years ago, you would gain a lot if you sell it now!

  2. Loved this post - Feather Factor also did a great look at this question:

  3. Love this post. After reading informative post, now I will try to limit my purchase and invest in something worth drooling and will last for years..and good thing that my daughters will benefit after. You're right with your word "sheer satisfaction in owning luxury pieces".