Monday, October 10, 2011

Care Free

(Free People Fall 2011 Ad)

Julie Stegner (one of the most beautiful models in my opinion) for Free People Fall 2011 ad campaign.  With Julie's tousled blond hair and relaxed attitude, every outfit seems so care free yet perfectly put together.  Makes me re-consider Free People, a line I have never previously paid much attention to.


  1. She makes everything look so good! I like a few Free People pieces but sometimes I get disappointed by them when I see them in real life..

  2. I've worn Free People for quite a few years now.. They used to/still do sell them at Urban outfitters and that was my favourite store back then :P
    You are totally right about Julie Stenger being one of the most beautiful girls out there now.. I have total hair envy, as well!

    As for the Hunter boots, mine are Dark Olive :) Hope that helps! xx