Friday, October 7, 2011

BEAUTY TREND - Dior Velvet Eyes Stick on Eyeliner

I must admit this intrigues me very much...stick on eyeliner?  So this could potentially save me months of practice and two bottles of eye makeup remover to achieve Dior Haute Couture cat eye?  And it comes with Swarovski micro-crystals too? 

At $55 for a set of 4 reusable stick on eyeliners, this is not bad even just for my upcoming Christmas and New Year parties!  My only concern is not "real" would they look once on my almond shape asian eyes?  Because if you're Asian, you would know that even getting a makeup done professionally by a makeup artist can be somewhat challenging if he/she is not used to Asian eyes...

So will these one-size-fit-all winged eyeliner stickers fit my eyes too?  I guess it won't hurt to try, considering that Sephora offers a really good refund policy!

1 comment:

  1. that was my exact thought, how is that going to fit my small tiny asian eyes?! =)