Friday, May 20, 2011

Woman on Top

(NEW Fold-over PU Leather Jacket sz S & M available)

(NEW Alexander Wang Darcy bag)

(BCBG Blk braided sandals sz 37)

Enjoy my last days of the view on the St-Laurent canal.  It was a bit windy, but not enough to stop me from wearing my favorite cutoffs!

This is the perfect all weather jacket with its oversized fold-over collar, knit insert sleeves and snug fit.  To toughen up the Darcy hobo bag by Alexander Wang, I decided to fold it in half and use it as a clutch.  And finishing off with a silk feminine blouse in peachy nude colour and my most flattering sandals...just to remind myself that I need to act with good manners!  Haha...who am I kidding?!?


  1. Hey I think you have the Darcy, not the Donna. :P I have the Donna bag and it has no studs. : )

  2. You are so right!!! Let me change that in the description...thanks!!!

  3. Hi I loved your bag. What is the colour code of this?