Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Fine Mess

(Michael Kors)

(Proenza Schouler)

(Dries Van Noten)

(Alexander Wang)


Summer hair equals to frizzy unruly hair...for most people including myself!  That's why I usually like to put it in a ponytail to get everything out of my face.  Trust me, you really don't want a few oily strands glued on your forehead (bad for your skin; bad for your look)!

But who has the time or patience to create a glamorous ponytail? I mean by definition, ponytails are for 2 day old hair.  I usually grab random sections of hair and clip or tie on a rubber band.  Done!  The rougher the texture the better!

This year, many of our favorite designers embraced the messy low pony.  I LUV.


  1. I've been completely obsessed with the ponytail ever since seeing the models sporting it on the runways this year!

  2. me too!!! I'm gonna try really hard to replicate the first one from Michael Kors