Friday, May 20, 2011


(NEW Aiko cowneck black top sz. L, Le Boudoir $40)

(NEW Leopard print jumpsuit sz S, Le Boudoir $35)

(Kate Spade rafia clutch)

(NEW Modern Vintage gold strappy sandals sz 36)

Never been the type to wear jumpsuits, let alone a leopard print jumpsuit.  But I find it less intimidating to wear such a bold print when paired with a neutral shade top over it.  The draping neckline and asymetrical hem of the black sweatshirt prevents the whole outfit to look like I just stepped out of the set of Austin Power - Goldmember.  Or maybe I still look circa 1972 if I had my afro wig (the one worn for last Halloween)?!?

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  1. you are so beautiful.. :) found you in chictopia.. i love your style.. and your photos are just stunning! :) amazing blog you have here.. :)

    followed your blog and chictopia.. :)

    hope we could follow each other.. i'm a huge fan!!! :)