Monday, May 30, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Ask and you shall receive

So I just asked "oh summer days, when will you visit Montreal?" the other day and it's all of a sudden 30º C and sunny!!!  That's the kind of weather I have to deal with: one day winter; the next summer!  Well, I wouldn't exactly complain...afterall, I can now parade all my summer dresses and sandals!

Have been waiting a day like this to wear my new Adam t-shirt dress.  Love the simple cut and crisp white colour with attached double sided belt.  Despite a waredrobe full of blacks, my favorite colour is actually white.  But it's nearly impossible to keep white stain-free, even pre-Ayden!  I also wore the shoulder strap of my mom's Hermes purse (don't tell but I stole it from her) as a quadruple tour bracelet!  The orange really brings out all the details on my scarf.

Now, if only my hair can be a little more starchy so my scarf doesn't just fall off at the slightest breeze...

T-shirt dress - Adam; Purse - Mulberry; Silk scarf - Hermes; Leather shoulder strap (worn as bracelet) - Hermes; Sandals - Modern Vintage

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  1. very nicely put-together outfit. Like your creativity to wear the strap as bracelet. Oh and nice wedge.