Thursday, May 12, 2011

a Lazy Girl's secret

The secret is out: I cheated!  While I was in Shanghai, I went for a treatment of Eurowave...well, almost a full treatment as it requires 10 sessions per targeted area and I had enough time to do 9 sessions...good enough!  Anyways, the main point is that my derriere is LIFTED!!!  without stepping a foot in the gym!!!

What they say: Eurowave, also known as “The Ultimate Slimming Machine,” is a safe, fast and effective Eurowave treatment targets your problem areas, like your stomach, hips or thighs. Eurowave gently works your muscles for 18 minutes, just like you were exercising.

What I say:  After gaining 34 lbs and loosing it all post baby, I was left with a less than desirable derriere.  Actually, my butt/thigh area has always been my problem area where if I gain 5 lbs, 4 1/2 will go directly there.  However, pre-baby, I didn't mind so much because it was still round and perky (for an asian of course).  Post-baby is a whole different was stretched and saggy...ugh!

My shopping and business partner in crime, Taylor, is probably by far the person most obsessed and knowledgable in all things vanity.  She loves Eurowave so much that she decided to invest and become a certified operator.  With her spa-grade machine set up in Shanghai, I volunteered myself for a treatment. 

The results were noticable after 4 sessions...and I was hooked!!!  Ok, it's a little painful as it works your muscles...but not nearly as painful as doind lunges!!!  Now, with my thighs slightly slimmer and my butt even more lifted, I can proudly wear short shorts this summer (have you noticed that I DIYed 2 pairs of cutoffs already?!?).

PS. If you are interested or just curious, email me for Taylor's contact info.

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