Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer treats (part 3)

(NEW Trouve sand safari vest sz. M, Le Boudoir $40)

(NEW I.E. graphic jumpsuit sz. S)

(NEW H.I.P. purple cropped t-shirt sz. M, other colours available)

(NEW Modern Vintage black lace oxfords sz. 36)

After days of rain, its finally looking somewhat more promising this morning!  I just want to sit outside and sip on my ice latte...but most likely not this month with our upcoming Le Boudoir event to prepare and moving out by the end of the month! 

Just got back from Toronto and probably packed on a few pounds with all the meals and snacks we had  (my tummy is happy but me, not so much).  That's why I'm especially into flowy tops and beautiful prints to take the focus away from my not-so-flat stomach!  Paired with shades, in-season shoes and designer handbags, I can handle an extra poutine and nobody would noticed...or at least, so I hope. 


  1. hey there! i simply love your black jeans and was wondering where you got it from ? :D
    thank you!
    P.S I LOVE your shoes and bags!

  2. hi munguunuu_0831, the jeans are J Brand. Such a good fit!