Sunday, May 1, 2011

Green with ENVY...

So one of my best friend called me yesterday to tell me that the gold CC Chanel earrings without any stones (that I always wanted) is finally in stock at our local boutique.  She was going to call me on the spot to see if she should pick them up for me but forgot since she was herself too preoccupied trying on the new collection!!!

And this is what she left the store with: a classic CC clutch in soft python!!!  I tried to restrain showing any sign of jealousy but it was too obvious!!  And she got the CC earrings too (of course)!  My only consolation was a 10,000 calories cannoli.


  1. That CC clutch in soft python is TDF! Is it from 11P season?

  2. not sure Ceci, but I think its maybe either spring act 2 or pre-fall 11 since they just got it.