Monday, May 9, 2011

Leaving Old Port

(Old Port photo by Sergiu Odainiq)

(Rooftop terrace)

(View outside of our condo)

It's official, we sold our first home as a family today!  A rush of mix feelings, both happy that we will be in a bigger home for Ayden but sad to leave our place. 

We've been living in the Old Port of Montreal for the last 5 years and loved every second of it (except at the beginning of each month when we need to pay our condo fees).  It has the charm of old port, convenience of downtown and tranquility of the suburbs.  So many days sunbathing on our rooftop terrace, weekend BBQs with friends and summer fireworks from my room's view on the Jacque Cartier's bridge.  Yes, I will miss this place dearly.

But every end is the start of a new beginning.  And I look forward to my new beginning!


  1. Congrats! We actually just sold our apartment too, moving next week! I don't like change, so it's pretty stressful. But the little one wants a yard!

  2. Where are you moving to J? Did you guys get a town house/house???

  3. we're actually homeless for now...staying my mom until we buy something

  4. At least you are still around there, I miss Old Port & Montreal so much!