Sunday, May 15, 2011

SHOPPING - La vie en Rose Gold

Here's my new little something something from friday morning's shopping: Alexander Wang Diego in Latte with Rose Gold hardware.  The warm taupe colour complements perfectly with the rose gold studs...what a perfect duo!  And the modern buchet shape is so easy to wear and versatile. 

Mr Wang, thank you!


  1. Oh the Diego is gorgeous!! Great purchase! My bf is encouraging me to get it, but I alreqdy have the Rocco coming haha

  2. The Little Dust Princess, GET THE DIEGO!!! I LOVE IT!!! hahaha...I shouldn't enable others like that!

  3. haha you can call me Jessy. ; )

    omg I know!! I already have the Donna & Rocco... I'm lusting for the Kirsten right now because I want one from every category. LOL Zippers, studs, straps..I want it all!