Monday, May 2, 2011

SHOPPING - I see through you

So I didn't exactly go home empty handed yesterday...It was a beautiful day and I was very much in the mood of spring shopping.  Unfortunately, my son was not so cooperative when came time to try on my selection.  What is a mommy of 8 months old to do?  Randomly grabbed whatever seemed like a sure-win and try them on at home.

And my new Alexander Wang silk blouse is a sure-win!  Men's cut in a feminine see-through silk that beautifully drapes against my skin.  I have a feeling you'll be seeing Mr Wang very often this summer.

Blouse - Alexander Wang; Shorts - DIY; Sandals - Modern Vintage


  1. Damn J! You do NOT look like a new mommy. Hope you had a blast in China ;)

  2. TAREK! my Tarek? congrats on finishing your undergrads!

  3. such a chic top, reminds me of a top from Ark and Co.