Thursday, May 31, 2012


My Tiffany Starfish earrings went MIA (missing in action)!  It's a real bummer...not only because I really love them, but it's actually the 3rd time I loose the same earrings!!!

They were originally purchased when I was 19 (yup, a long time ago) and probably one of my first Tiffany purchases along with the giant starfish pendant on silk rope.  Then I lost them at my then boyfriend (now husband)'s room, so he got me another pair to replace them.  Then, they were stolen (along with my Birkin, Dogon wallet, and everything else a girl carries in her purse...I almost cried that day).

And now, I just realized that one of them is gone when I got hime from the park with my son Ayden!!!  It's already really annoying that I need to keep on replacing them over the past 12 years, but every time I re-purchase them, Tiffany jacked up their pricing again!!!

Maybe...maybe I can find a seller on ebay who also lost one Tiffany earring and is willing to sell the other one for a penny?!?


  1. Too bad you didnt keep the one left when you lost them other times, keep this one this time. So sad maybe they are a faulty model and they get loose easily. By the way I bought the same hydro acne boots you have, are they comfortable?? Love your blog :)

  2. My ACNE boots are sooo comfy!!! I love them and I'm sure you will too!