Saturday, June 2, 2012


I'll share a little secret with you: I have no shame.  Some would argue that this is a trait of a good negotiator.  Others would argue that I just have thick skin.  I think it's just a result of being an only child...especially a greedy girl growing up wanting things her way and not afraid of asking with a smile!

So yesterday, my partner Taylor told me that she was invited to a house party with home cooked mexican food.  The idea of a home cooked meal is appealing enough, but when I found out that there's gonna be burritos and tacos, I decided to call the host (a common friend) and self-invite my whole family that same evening.  And just like that, a got myself a fabulous evening...for free!

Te quiero Taco Bell baby!!!

Dress - Alexander Wang; Shoes - Stella McCartney; Bag - Marni; Scarf - Louis Vuitton; Necklace & bracelets - Street Vendor; Anklet - Hermes


  1. LMFAO! I live in Texas so I never run out of the option of tacos. You are so funny! I heart your Marni scarf!

  2. Unfortunately for me, good tacos are not easy to come by in China! btw, my scarf is LV but my purse if Marni

  3. Your outfit is just stylish. I love the pop of blue and the scarf.