Sunday, June 24, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Craving for Your Love

I'm on a detox.  The 14 days Total Body Cleanse from Renew Life to be exact.  In my quest for a "dream body", I thought I could give it a try!

See, although I'm not a believer of diet in general, this is only requires me to take some organic herbal supplements and follow a "suggested" diet, which consists of fruits, veges, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, nuts, whole grains and "good fats".  Not too bad right?  I least I don't have to fast or be on some liquid diet.

Well, I soon realized that I'm not suppose to have coffee or chocolate for 14 days (yeah, I was kinda in denial)!  So I "suggested" myself to give up chocolate and keep my daily dose of caffein...with the weather so hot, I don't mind having watermelon for dessert anyways.

Turns out fruits as dessert suck!  Today is my 3rd day and I'm really craving for some dark chocolate...isn't it suppose to be good for the body & brain?!?

Jacket - Zara; Tank - Midi; Shorts - DIY; Purse - Hermes (borrowed from my mom); Sandals - Sergio Rossi; Necklace - Hermes


  1. You look lovely, as always. I love seeing your amazing outfits. You always look so put together yet super stylish. That pop of orange is just beautiful :)



  2. Goodluck on your cleansing diet. For sure it will be hard for days but soon your craving will diminish as your body can cope to the new routine.

    I love how you put your outfit together and the bag is just stunning.

  3. I love the you're nail polish as a pop of color against the orange heels (which are fabulous by the way)!

    <3 Kendyl

  4. Gorgeous! Ive never seen that cute tuxe in Zara before but u totally pull it off. And i've always thought the Bolide looks too mature for anyone but you've changed my thoughts of it. (:


  5. So when I had the massive chocolate cravings on the I was contemplating chewing up a cookie and SPITTING IT OUT...I found solace in something that IS allowed!

    REALLY REALLY roasted sweet potato -- the edges are nice and caramelized and ALMOST chocolate-y tasting.