Monday, May 14, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - We meet again

I haven't taken out my Constance in the past 6 months.  To be very honest, I feel like I've neglected her.  Since moving into our renovated condo in january, she has be stuffed with all my other bags in a stored luggage...yikes!

I honestly regret not taking better care of scratched, dent and flatten, I might need to part with her for another few months for spa treatment in Paris!  When will we meet again?  In another 3 months?!?

Or maybe I'll just pay a visit to Claude at the Madison store in New York.  Yeah, that sounds like a far better plan!

Shirt - Theory; Tank - Holt Renfrew; Jeans - J Brand; Purse - Hermes; Sandals - Marni; Medallion bracelet - Chanel; Mix bangles and necklaces - Street vendor; Starfish earrings - Tiffany; Stud earrings - Swarovski


  1. Love your pants!! I want some quick, only if they make me look as skinny as you! You're so stunning!

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