Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kelly Boot on my Wrist

Look what I got!!!  My dear friend just got back from Paris and brought a little bit of Parisian Chic back to Shanghai for me!

So naturally, I get excited for anything that comes in an orange box.  But this is LIMITED EDITION!  And its so cute: beautiful silk printed ribbon with a silver Kelly boot charm.  I guess you can wear it as a necklace, anklet or even tie it around your around your agenda/wallet/cosmetic pouch.  For me, I think it's best on my wrist, next to my Chrono Clipper.


  1. Hey dear I have just found your blog and I am amazed!You have such a great sense for style <3

    Love from Berlin

    La dolce fashion vita

  2. Love love love this bracelet !! You have a lovely friend !! ;)

  3. OK. Now I'm kicking myself that I forgot go back to the accessory counter after I scored my HG from the leather department! The one I chose was with a mixed of pink & blue & purple. I love this pink version too! >.< I guess I was way over the moon & rushing to pay for the Toundra Sellier Box K28 GHW before anyone grab it! LOL! Enjoy your gift! Weather in the East Coast is still miserable as usual.

  4. WOW!! Toundra Sellier Kelly?!? Yes, I'd be over the moon too!! hehe!