Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's in my purse?

Is it me or it seems like I have more snacks than anything else in my purse lately?!?  Well, being pregnant and always hungry, a quick bite is always good to have handy...just in case I faint (I'm not joking...happened to me a few months ago)!

In any cases, here's what's inside my purse:

  • Chocolate chip granola bar
  • Halls
  • Coffee Crisp
  • Keys
  • Benetint lip balm SPF15
  • Bliss Lemon+Sage body butter
  • Prada wallet

Oh yeah, and I just started using my new Zara purse, which matches exactly the same shade of red as my Prada wallet (coincidence!).  It's actually really roomy, enough to carry extra diapers, wet naps, bottle, iPad and Ayden's favourite NYPD car in case he's tagging along.


  1. is your purse on zaras website? i coudlnt find it, i love it!

  2. I got it about two weeks ago at the store...I didn't see it on their website either. It's 100% leather and was reduced to $79ish! Great deal!