Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Resolution

(Glamour Mexico)

Every beginning of the year, I find myself vowing that I would spend time to update my makeup routine...and like any new year resolution (NYR), the hype of trying a new makeup trend only last a month or two!

Last year, I really wanted to adapt bright lips.  Not on an everyday basis but certainly create some sort of signature look.  Well, I went back to my old nude (aka lip balm) self!

This year, should I attempt to do the ombre look (either nails, lips or eye)?  Or am I setting myself for another failed NYR?  Maybe I'll stick to the ombre least my manicurist can do it and this trend seems to be more realistic to my lifestyle.

What's your new year resolution?


  1. keep it simple, you're a natural beauty . . .

  2. I tend to agree with you sushibar; I also prefer simple hair/makeup. But I figure that we change our shoes/boots every season...why stick to the same makeup from 10 yrs ago?!?