Monday, January 7, 2013

CHEAPIE MONDAY - Lace-up Sandals

(BCBG lace-up sandals)

Remember when Carine Roitfeld and Taylor Tomasi Hill showed up with the Alaïa lace-up sandals during the fashion weeks?  Yeah, that's also when I started obsessing over the nude studded version of them...but I just didn't have the fashion chef editor's shoe budget and cannot justify $1750+...

Until over the weekend, my cousin and I went shopping at BCBG and I spotted these lookalikes on sale for less than 10% of the Alaïa's!  And the best: buy 4 pairs and get additional 50% off!!!  Wow! I randomly picked another pair of silver sandals and forced my shopping partner in crime to get two pairs to meet the quota.

Needless to say, we both left the store as very happy shoppers!

(the original Alaïa studded lace-up sandals in orange)


  1. They are beautiful! and what a great deal.

  2. I know...for less than $100 tax incl., that's a sweet sweet deal!