Monday, January 28, 2013

SHOPPING - Zara Shoe Haul

I'll admit it this much: I have a substance problem...with shoes!  I can't walk away from beautiful footwear...especially on SALE!

All I wanted was to get Ayden a few pairs of jeans/pants on sale at Zara and I walked away with:

  • Camel suede western ankle boots (they look great with skirts/dresses too!)
  • Embellished black leather moto boots (perfect for strolling around in style once my little Olivia will be born)
  • Nude suede kid-heel with embellished ankle straps (saw another woman tried them on and they're simply too pretty)
  • and 1 pair of belted corduroys for Ayden...

And all that for a mere $165 with taxes!!!  So you can't really blame me...blame the Zara for having fabulously styled and priced shoes in my size!

1 comment:

  1. "So you can't really blame me..."

    Who'd want to? Can't wait to see them in future posts! :)