Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Au Pied de Cochon


Since I've been back in Montreal, I've done nothing but pig-out!  This time, literally at Au Pied de Cochon owned by chef Martin Picard who specialized in gourmet regional dishes.  Signature dishes incorporate simple dishes, like burgers and poutine, with foie gras!

My cousin and I decided to let ourselves loose by ordering a feast:

  • Special of the day cranberry goat cheese foie gras 
  • PDC salad
  • french onion soup
  • squash soup
  • foie gras burger
  • duck fat fries

As I was about to order a second entree, our waiter suggested for us to "start" with what we have and see if we need more food...I guess he figured that two girls can't possibly finish that much food!

Well, he was right!  We were were barely able to finish our glass of wine (who wastes wine?!?)...that's how full we were!  And just then, we were offered a yummy milkshake, complementary from the kitchen.  And like any good sport, I finished it just to show my gratitude...although my stomach really couldn't digest it.

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