Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TARGET X Prabal Gurung

(Look 1)

(Look 2)

(Look 3)

(Look 4)

(Look 5)

(Look 6)

(Look 7)

(Look 8)

(Look 9)

(Look 10)

(Look 11)

(Look 12)

(Look 13)

(Look 14)

(Look 15)

(Look 16)

(Look 17)

(Look 18)

(Look 19)

(Look 20)

(Look 21)

(Prabal Gurung for Target)

Can I say I love everything about this Prabal Gurung for Target 80+ piece collection?!?  Flirty florals, colour-blocking, feminine shapes...at Target pricing...what's not to love?

Due to be released on Feb 10th, I'm expecting somewhat of the same sellout frenzy as with the Missoni collection (which I missed out...still sad I didn't get anything from the home collection)!  This time around, I'll zoom-in on the top 10 pieces I love (look #2, 6, 7 and 9...is that more than 10 pieces?) and have my AMEX ready on the strike of midnight!

source: Elle.com 


  1. Hi! I was just wondering how you will purchase these? Do they accept canadian issued credit cards but only ship in the states? Thanks for letting me know. This collection is super gorgeous.

  2. I'm thinking of having the order shipped to my friend in NJ using my Canadian Amex. It'll be the first time I buy online from Target so not sure if it'll work...