Monday, September 3, 2012


It's Shanghai Restaurant Week again (Sept 3-9th inclusively)!!!  And our first stop is El Willy, a widely popular Spanish restaurant that delivers traditional and contemporary tapas.

Don't worry...although I'm suppose to be eating for 2, I didn't actually devour all those dishes by myself!  It was all shared between hubby and I.

Here's what we had:

  • Gazpacho "Andaluz" each (not in picture)
  • 21 st century Russian salad
  • Latin style seafood ceviche,wrapped in rice paper with mango and Coriander
  • "Nido" served in brioche with tomato and sobrasada slow cooked egg
  • Patatas pannadera, romesco, roasted peppers and confit tomatoes slow cooked egg
  • "Zarzuela de marisco" with toasted garlic bread
  • Confit, lightly smoked chicken thigh with orange rice
  • Sexy dessert each (not in picture)
Sounds like a lot but due to tapas-size portions, I think my hubby was left still craving for a burger!?!   Well, I guess we can't really complain given the RMB 118 fixe price lunch menu (just under $20...and don't forget there's no tax nor tips here in China!).


  1. OMG the food looks amazing! Restaurant week here is not nearly as good. I'm so jealous. And curious....what does a 21st century Russian Salad look like?


  2. to my surprise, the salad is that first picture...when the waiter brought it to me, I thought it was a dessert!!!