Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Courtside

Another day of nothing but running around town to get errands done (Obgyn checkup, call vendors for upcoming party, pick up takeout for hubby, pick up Ayden from daycare, etc...).  I think it's about time for me to get myself un-lazy and apply for my driver licence here in China!  This metro-bus-taxi thing is getting a little unpractical.

Cardiwrap - BCBG; Tank - A&F; Shorts - I.T; Bag - Hermes (borrowed from mom); Runners - I.T; Cap - Diesel (borrowed from hubby) Knuckle ring - Dominic Jones; Bracelet - Club Monaco; Necklace - H&M; Quark ring - Hermes; Watch - Hermes


  1. wonderfully sporty chic. I totally need a new pair of sneakers :)


  2. I love these I.T brand Isabel Marant inspired wedge sneakers so much! So comfy too!