Monday, March 12, 2012

VINTAGE ENVY - Lynda Latner & Yael Kanter

I love hand-me-down luxury pieces.  Not only that they have been carefully pre-loved (and therefore show a beautiful patine), but most times, they are also collectible items no longer available (have you ever seen that TAXI clutch from Hermes?!?).

Lynda Latner & Yael Kanter, founders of and, as a result for their love and personal pursuit of vintage luxury.  This mother & daughter duo has glam fashion in their family blood since gramma Latner and have beautiful one-of-a-kinds to show for it!

My eyes go straight to that massive gold Dior Haute Couture belt, which might weight a ton and go beautifully with my red silk tunic dress!

source: The Coveteur

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