Monday, March 26, 2012

3 Bad News + 1 Good News

3 Good News + 1 Bad News = not such a bad day...

Good News #1 - I just received my Marni wedge sandals I bought on sale 50% off two weeks ago!

Good News #2 - The red distressed shorts I bought from I.T. without trying fits me (I was really worried since I never tried their jeans before and I have no idea what does size 36 - apparently equivalent to 25 inches - means!?).

Bad News #1 - We missed our flight to Taipei yesterday and therefore out-of-pocket by $380 worth of penalties!

Good News #3 - I rebooked our trip to Taipei using my Aeroplan points and ended up paying only $98 for airport taxes!!!

Let me tell you how upset I was when we finally got to the airport and was told that we were 5 mins late for check-in cut-off time!!!  And if we were to catch the next flight out (5 hours later), it would be a grand total of $1000 for price adjustment for all 3 of us since our original tickets were bought at discount!  That's basically how much it would cost to get new tickets Shanghai-Taipei!

Anyways, really bummed out, I decided to cancel my hotel reservation ($160 penalty) and our flight ($220 penalty) and go home.

Once home, that when I started furiously looking for replacement flights at a reasonable price.  Then, I suddenly had the brilliant idea of using my Aeroplan points!!!  Hehe...not too bad, right?

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