Monday, March 12, 2012

INTERVIEW w/ Sarah Burton

(Interview Magazine March 2012)

Sarah Burton was interviewed by long-time McQueen fan Sarah Jessica Parker (my personal long-time fan) for Interview magazine just after showing her latest collection for the house.
"You were here for a long time, and so you can feel some confidence," said Parker. "I would guess that he would say, 'Sarah, trust your instincts.'"
"He would," replied Burton. "Lee taught me that if you don't believe in it, then you shouldn't do it because you can't stand behind it. He was brilliant because he would always say, 'Things don't stand still. It has to go forward,' or 'Oh, don't bring that old jacket out again. That's been made before.' So I'm very conscious. I've got to move it because otherwise it stays still and it becomes stagnant."
After a royal wedding dress and 18 months worth of collections to wow the fashion crowd, she now has a few advice for the younger designers too.
"We have quite a lot of interns and young designers who come for training, and I really feel that it's important that they know how to patch and cut - that they know how to treat fabrics," she said. "What's always been great about [the McQueen studio] is that there's not just one person who does jersey, one person who does denim. Everybody does everything and everyone knows the whole world that we're working in. McQueen was so small, and Lee did everything: cut patterns, make clothes, everything. He was always so involved and hands-on. I was completely awed by what he was trying to achieve."
Well said, Sarah!

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