Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Take it as it comes

After wearing my new Marni wedge for the first time, I suddenly remember something: with the heat and humidity in China, I need to buy half size up in shoes here!  I completely forgot that last summer, my sandals that perfectly fit me in Canada where all slightly snug on me here...I guess I didn't realize how much my feet can swell!

Otherwise, perfect day: went out to do a few errands, then had a few clients over to the studio, then opened 3 bottles of champaign while celebrating a dear friend's birthday and finally got a pedi before going home!

Oh well, I guess I'll get them stretched out a tab and it should be fine...not a big deal.  Now if I miss my flight to Taipei again, that would be a big deal!!!

Jacket - Zara; Top - Central Park; Pants - Zara; Purse - Chanel; Sandals - Marni; Necklace - Street Vendor; Ring - YSL


  1. Beautiful weather and beautiful photos!

  2. What a lovely outfit !! Love every piece especially the purse !!