Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

...who's the hungriest of them all???

Yes, anyone who knows me will tell you that I LOVE FOOD!  I like the smell, the taste and mostly, how satisfying it makes me feel!  And this week, it's Shanghai Restaurant Week!

I made reservations at Shook! on the Bund for lunch today.  The menu was simple: king prawn as amuse-bouche, blue crab ravioli as appetizer, duck confit or seafood laksa as main and strawberry mille-feuilles with coffee or tea...all that for ¥118/head (less than $20)!!!  And the best of all, there's no sales tax nor tips in China!  Other than the ravioli, which was slightly disappointing, everything else was super yummy!

I was also able to make reservations Fount and Table no.1 (most of the top restaurants were already fully booked), which I can't wait to try!  Now, why can't it be Shanghai Restaurant Week every week?  Oh yeah, so my stomach doesn't explode!!!

Shirt - Ralph Laurent; Skirt - Zara; Tank top - Gap; Belt - Miu Miu; Purse - Chanel; Shoes - Stella McCartney; Gloves - Winner's; Scarf - Gifted


  1. Janet you look fabulous! Thank you for the food recs as well, will keep in mind next time I am in Shanghai!

  2. Really love how you styled the red scarf! It looks warm and so chic at the same time!