Thursday, December 22, 2011

Versace X H&M Cruise Collection

I guess the last H&M collaboration with Versace was such a big hit that the Swedish giant will launch a second and final cruise collection on January 19th.  This time however, the sale will only be available online via H&M's website!  I guess instead of being a battle of "who camps outside of the local flagship store first", it will be more of a "who has the fastest and broadest internet connection" battle!

However the case, I must say that the candy colour and butterfly theme is not really up my alley!  In fact, maybe the jewelry might interest me, but I would definitely not be that eager (like last time) to wake up at odd hours of the morning and click "add to cart" with my latte...I think I'll just pass on this one.

But hey, for those of you who are into fruit punch prints and pastel shades, I think this might be a good alternative given the fact that mid-jan will be freezing cold to line up outdoors overnight!

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