Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Guilt

This is what happens every year, starting end of Nov till mid-Feb!  It's the holidays!!!  Which means, lots of gathering (food), parties (food), family dinners (more food), all these are very good for my tummy...not so good for my bootie!!!

And how can you blame anyone, especially given the fact that we are dealing here with a girl (me) that loves good food and have zero self-control!  It all starts with Thanksgiving (American, since us Canadians don't really make our Thanksgiving a big deal), then rows of Christmas parties, then NYE party, then my Birthday week-long eat-a-thon, then Chinese new year and finally Valentine's Day...

So, by the second week into the winter holidays, my stomach has already expanded and is expecting nothing less than 4 solid meals a day and rich desserts after each meal.  Oh...don't be fooled by my pictures!  Trust me, I just am that good at camouflaging my flaws!!!

ps. this was my room service breakfast this morning.  "Was" as in I ate it all!


  1. All of the food is making me so hungry, the pastries and muffin look divine <3

  2. how delicious!

    that's what holidays are for! enjoy and indulge!