Monday, December 12, 2011

SALE - My picks @


 got some new items on sales and honestly, I just love about everything on that site!  But for the sake of giving my 16 months old son that "In life, we cannot be greedy!", I decided to narrow down my choices to the following five, all at 30% off:

The PS1 pouchette is just a really good everyday clutch in a fun tribal print.  The t-shirt is a slash of colour (and a colour that I don't own in my closet...yet).  The McQ dress does not require any excuse or's just WOW!  And I really didn't want to chose between the tow pairs of Lanvin heels, it's just pure torture!!!

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  1. I'd say you'll get more wear out of the black one in montreal (let's face it, the cold weather, although warm this year is not a BFF to open toes).

    Cheers from Mlt,