Friday, December 9, 2011


The temperature suddenly dropped today to the low single digit celsius!!!  I was obviously not dressed not mentally ready for badly that I was barely able to articulate while filming today with my partner, Taylor (sorry I made us look bad!).

But not the cold wind nor the lack of sensitivity in my toes can stop us having a great time while working!  I know; I'm blessed.

The theme of this episode is RED and should be aired for the new year day...can't wait to see the edited final version on!


  1. Anyone who wants to add a little sexy to any outfit should add red!

  2. hi janet, i love your blog. what are you filming? please link us when it air. btw i love love love your blog and your style, your such an inspiration. please keep updating your blog!

  3. Hi Sharon, I love that hair too 'cause it's actually really easy to do! I'll try to do a tutorial...maybe a video tutorial if I have the time and more importantly figure it out!?!

  4. oh...sorry, the reply was to LC.

    Sharon, it's about fashion styling