Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - The tallest tuque on the block

Yup, it's winter here on the northern east coast!  Temperature below zero but not an ounce of snow.  Still, I needed to keep myself warm and decided to put on my hubby's Prada tuque...only thing is that I didn't realize how tall it is!  Who has a head that long?!?  But then I figure that hey, that's a new (and maybe a little desperate) way to make myself appear taller without 7" heels!

Last night, we checked in to the cutest boutique hotel in Old Mtl, Le Petit Hotel (his birthday surprise from me) and went to our favourite restaurant, Le Garde Manger (you gotta try their lobster poutine!!!).  I guess I was trying to recreate our pre-Ayden lives: living in Old Montreal, dining out every week, sleeping in till  whenever we please.  And it felt so good!  The saddest part of all this is that while we're enjoying the liberty of being childless, we were watching Ayden's videos all evening...yeah, I miss him already!

Coat - Alexander Wang; Hoodie - Diesel (hubby's); Skirt - Blank; Purse - Pierre Hardy; Boots - Jil Sander; Sunglasses - Celine; Tuque - Prada (also hubby's)

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