Sunday, December 25, 2011

Last Minute Tot Gifts

(Stella McCartney Mouse Booties)

(Boon Duckies)

(Volkswagen Lego T1 Camper Van)

(Nou Nou Cashmere Hoodie)

(Sorel Baby Caribou Boots)

(Mom Creations Shark Bag)

(IPig Speaker)

(3 Sprouts Hippo Hooded Towel)

(Stuart Weitzman Leo Ballets)

(Kickboard Mini Scooter)

One thing I realized after having a kid is that Christmas is really all about them!  Friends and family who previously would gift to me during the holidays are now only gifting to Ayden...not that I mind at all, because who doesn't want to see a smile on that little bugger?  But this just means it's a whole new ball game in the shopping area (in which I'm just starting to familiarize myself).

So here are some gift ideas (if you manage to score them) for your little ones!

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