Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheap Eat - KAZU

(Shrimp Burger)

(48hr Pork)

(Chicken Skewers)

(Tuna & Salmon Bowl)

Yes, with all the holiday season shopping and outings, I'm really trying to squeeze every dollar in my wallet.  And being a foodie, cheap eat doesn't not mean compromising on taste!  That's why my friend and I decided to have lunch at Kazu, a local japanese izakaya on the west side of downtown Montreal.

This tiny little bistro doesn't take reservations and only seats about 20, so line-ups are part of the game.  Even at 2pm, there were still two couples in front of me when I arrived.  But once you see the colourful dishes and smell the grill, you just know it's worth waiting!

Today, I had the tuna and salmon bowl (always a hit) and my friend got the 48hr pork (warm any tummy on a cold winter day).  Sooooo satisfying!  And at $15 and $9 respectively, this is my kind of cheap eat!

1862 Sainte-Catherine West  
Montreal, QC, Canada
(514) 937-2333

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