Friday, March 15, 2013

My Milkshake is Better than Yours!

I finally went to Sephora yesterday to try out the new Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder.  I ended up getting the pressed version, only for the sleek packaging 'cause the finish on either form (pressed or loose) was very similar on me.  And I love love it!!!  In fact, I'm wearing it on these photos with a touch of their infamous Super Orgasm blush!

Afterwards, I went on a lunch date at MBrgr with hubby and to my surprise, he ordered a chocolate milkshake instead of his usual Diet Coke with his monster burger!  As for myself, I got the strawberry mango milkshake, which was sweet enough that I didn't feel the urge of ordering dessert (saved myself 500 calories), but still refreshing enough that I was able to finish the tall order!

Oh, if you get a chance, order their pulled pork sandwich on lettuce (instead of burger bun) with Monterey Jack cheese and grilled's sooooo yummy!

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  1. your Hermés dome ring is gorgeous!!!! wide,large,i love it!!! you should wear it more often!! your blog is great. karine