Thursday, March 14, 2013

BEAUTY FIX - Katy Perry Lashes

Katy Perry is best known for her quirky vintage inspired outfits, her equally quirky lyrics and her blue (pink, purple, colour-of-the-week) hair.  However, like many Divas, she's also know for her glamorous lashes, which allowed her to partner up with Eylure to create a collection of false lashes.

My favourite in the collection is called Oh, My!, which is the biggest with two layers of falsies stacked together for some serious flirtatious lash batting!  I remember at a much younger age, watching tutorials on youtube and being amazed how many Asian girls were wearing 2 (sometimes 3) pairs of false lashes to get that round dolly eyes (which is the secret to making sometimes 2-3 times bigger than their natural almond eyes).

And to me, if you're gonna be wearing falsies, might as well go all the way!

But if you're the kinda gal that wears falsies on a daily (or at least regular) basis, then I would go with Sweetie Pie, which discreetly adds volume and length.

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