Sunday, March 3, 2013

CURRENT OBSESSION - Valentino Rockstud Everything

(Valentino Rockstud Naked Collection)

One quality about my shopping habit is that I'm definitely not an impulsive buyer.  I tend to take notice of a designer item (regardless if it's purse/shoes/dress/etc), envision it on myself, see it on fashion week street wear, see it in person at the boutique and fall in love with it (to the point it becomes an obsession) and eventually turn up in my closet.

Yes, you may say that most of my purchases are studied buys!  And my love affair for the Valentino Rockstud Vava-Voom shoulder bag (the first one with chain strap in every shown Rockstud collection here) since last spring.  At the time, I really wanted the nude or cream colour but it was not available in Canada so I settled for the black with gold hardware...only to realize that it was too similar to my Hermes Medor clutch, which was also black with gold hardware.  So my best friend offered to buy it from me...which still to this day I regret letting it go (why did I think I couldn't handle two black studded handbags?!?)

Anyways, since then, I've become increasingly obsessed, especially with this spring's new interpretation of the Rockstud: 

  • Naked: On trend with the clear handbags, this is definitely the most sophisticated naked bag on the market.
  • Spring Pop Colour: I don't think anyone can resist smiling just by looking at the candy colours (especially the fuschia one!). 
  • Noir: There's nothing to add...the croc and crystal studs version is simply breathtaking!

(Valentino Rockstud Spring 2013 Collection)

(Valentino Rockstud Noir Collection)

Yup, I'm definitely a Rockstud (including shoes and accessories...Rockstud everything really) kinda gal!

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