Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Just when I thought I got the low down on BB creams (in fact, I was my first post "Etude House BB Cream" back in Oct 2010), now comes the CC creams!  I don't blame the beauty industry...why not cash in on the biggest beauty buzz of this decade!

In short, CC cream promises everything that a BB cream can offer (moisturize, brightens, antioxidant, anti-aging, SPF) but also "Correct & Cover", which means better coverage in a lighter texture!  Nice!

To further investigate, I went to my nearest Sephora to try on Smashbox's CC cream (I got an email invitation).  To my disappointment, it's so new they haven't received it yet!!!  Arrr...and I was hoping for a sample!  I guess I'll either have to wait another month or buy something online (use code smashcc with $25 purchase) to get a deluxe sample from their site.

But if you ask me, the Holy Grail of CC creams is probably Chanel's CC cream, which is apparently divine in texture and blend-ability (apparently buttery soft!).  Maybe my hubby can ask for a sample on his next trip at the HK duty free!

ps.  I heard that they are coming out with a DD (Disguise & Diminish) cream soon...why am I not even surprised?!?

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  1. yes, i am currently obsessed with my CC cream. I tried the Peter Roth Thomas and is really really good. Dying to try Chanel's and Smashbox!