Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back at Griffentown

I finally got out of the house today and although I'm not technically suppose to yet, it felt great!  Ok, let me start by explain myself for those of you who are not Chinese...

In the Chinese culture, it's expected for new moms to "home sitting" for the first 30 days with their baby in order to recover from the trauma of childbirth.  During this month (also called yue zi), she is expected to rest in bed, not shower nor touch cold water, eat protein-rich food that mostly considered "hot" food and avoid fruits and other "cool" foods.

So naturally, in the modern day, it's very hard to follow all the rules of yue zi...even though I personally survive two whole weeks!  And I had to negotiate a whole deal with my mom (namely wearing a hat to avoid headache) in order to go out for brunch today at my favourite spot, Griffentown.

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