Tuesday, March 12, 2013


(Chanel RTW Fall 2013)

Just like most girls, I love shimmer makeup.  It adds dimension and glow to my otherwise flat Asian face, not to mention that it's more forgiving if your makeup techniques are not at par with Pat McGrath (top makeup artist and Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director for Procter and Gamble).

But from a very early age, when I first started playing around with makeup, I noticed a significant difference between "shimmer" and "sparkle".  Shimmer is obviously more subtle while sparkle, at least in my humble opinion, has always been linked to cheap "Jersey Shore" makeup.

So it is to my surprise that Chanel featured jumbo size sparkles on their models eyelids and lashes...I'm kinda lost for words....is it considered chic now?  Or is it another one of those Celine Spring '13 eccentric furry Birkenstock and stilettos (don't even get me started on those...I mean what was Phebe thinking?!?); good for runway show impact for the media but completely unbearable IRL (unless if you live in Harakuju, Tokyo).

source: style.com


  1. well, in my opinion, I usually think much like you do, but on this models, it looks sorta subtle.. cuz is mostly just the jumbo sparkles and some lipgloss.. this is what I call the thin line between classy and "jersey shore crap" hahahahah