Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nicolas, let's keep in touch!

(Balenciaga Spring 2013)

I guess I consider myself loyal...loyal to those who are great to me, great at what they do and great at what they deliver.  Nicolas Ghesquière is great!  

Since he started at the house of Balenciaga, with his first season Spring '98, the industry was captivated and mesmerized!  Needless to say, he reinvented the house and created some of the most iconic pieces of his generation (let's admit it, we all have at least one moto bag...I own three!).  Every season, I look forward to see his interpretation of the current trend, his new direction and mood for fashion.  And I was his loyal subject!

But on monday, he and the house announced his departure at the end of the month (I know, I know...everyone is talking about Obama wining the election but I find this news far more relevant to personal wardrobe!).

It's not goodbye, but see you soon Nicolas.  Let's keep in touch!

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