Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MATERNITY TOP 10 - #5 The Pencil Jeans

At #5: The Pencil Jeans.  Although the skinny jeans came to a close tie, I think the cigarette cut is actually more flattering on a "Janet+15kgs".  I have the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you see things) body type where the minute I gain 1kg, it's all going to the hip/thighs/ass area.  So naturally, during the past months, I've packed on a little in that area too!  With a pencil cut, which is usually has an 12" leg opening, it's more forgiving and slimming.  And when you fell like a whale, "forgiving and slimming" sounds really really good!

Jeans - J Brand Mama J; Blouse - BCBG; Fur Snood - Vintage; Boots - Modern Vintage; Necklace - Street Vendor; Bottle Pendant - Hermes; Watch - Swiss Legend; Bracelet - Street Vendor; Cuff - Etro

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